• In the end…

    And in the end all I learned was how to be strong alone.
    I learned that I was the greatest project I could work on.
    I decided to give myself the love I never received.
    I convinced myself seeking not to convince.
    I decided to wear my scars seen or unseen as my best attire.
    A stunning dress of hellfire and my pain like the grandest of diamonds around my neck.
    And everytime,I did it alone,I realized I could do it more and more.
    Day after day,never ran,never hid,never feared,I found way to always get up.
    Once again falling trap of hope’s dangerous games.
    That remind me how strong I amHow capable I am How fantastic I can be.
    And how I must create something beautiful out of this mess

  • She loves

    “She loves hard because she knows how it feels to be loved little.”
    I don’t care if you think am beautiful I just want to know if your love language is memes.
    Do you love dark fruits?
    Do you love hard at the expense of your own life?
    Do you love dark colors?
    Do you like things that sparkle?
    Do you Lough at everything?
    Do you smile more than most?
    I hope your mind is not killing you?
    Would you rather listen to chester see who am I to stand in your way or James Brennan overthinking got me drinking?
    Can you sing demi Lovato’s sorry not sorry so loud that your ex-love next door would listen?
    Can you have coffee and a conversation t 3:00am?
    Do you like competing on reading books?
    What turns you on? is it poetry? effort? transparency? chivalry? being made a priority? Owning up? knowing when to be given space? being treated right?
    Tell me? Do you know how to love hard?


    we all have days in our lives we call dark September even though it may not be September.


    It was in the last days
    I got destructed
    I lost direction.
    Made some mistakes.
    Broke some promises
    Forgot who I was
    Got sad for no reason
    Met the wrong people
    Broke my heart
    Accused by my tormentors
    Lost all my mentors
    Used for wrong reasons.
    Scoffed with hate.
    Laughed off as a failed
    Didn’t get back on the lane.
    I got. Ashamed.
    I couldn’t rise my head.
    Coz I was under a spell
    And I couldn’t awake


    Unrestrained within that miracle

    Where time reveals

    Great glory

    In great bold colours,like the rainbow

    Bridled together in harmony

    Where the glory shines

    Bursting in seams

    Of where we assume is the breaking point

    Yet something always finds a way 

    To minimize the chaos

    Funny how nature

    Always reveals it’s secrets

    And finds it’s focus

    Where things need to be

    Even though some of us never see it.

  • I WEEP

    Deep from my abyss my heart weeps,for a love lost
    But I keep hearing, don’t loose faith for theirs days brighter coming
    How? How can you stand strong without a love you crave so bad.
    Yes,the voices in my head keep saying
    Yes they keep calling me names
    They keep playing tricks on me, calling me loser names
    They say faith jumps,faith talks do you say mine has a crisis
    My heart weeps! For fear of falling into the pits of profound sadness.
    My heart weeps not because of having lost the game
    My heart weeps for eyes being so blind to see a love so pure
    And as my heart weeps,i think that maybe maybe theirs no such thing as love anymore
    In this so messed up world
    Or just maybe my heart could be so deeply hurt
    Because no one told me
    As you make your bed so you must lie on it
    Or as you fall in love so must you prepare for tears so premium.


    She became so comfortably numb,being helplessly a victim of her mind.
    She cannot recall her childhood dreams, because they’re all gone.
    She thinks she has madness in her head,but to be honest that’s not true.
    It has become so hard to get rid of this depression.
    She always has bad dreams , blood,death, betrayal all has
    Become a familiar place to be.

    They say the worst place you can be is in your mind,but that her only place
    Remincing, sipping, thinking,she is so comfortable staying this way.
    She used to be too angry, holding so many grudges.
    Now the pain is gone, she’s left empty and hollow.

    She’s only left disappointed, she’s still connecting all the dots.
    She cried too many tears,but now they’re all dried up.
    A heart that was so fragile,became so cold and numb.
    Lately,she never says a word, that’s her coping mechanism.
    I hope she heals, from all these victimization

    Hello is anybody there?


    I’ve learned not to allow rejection to move me.
    But rather to open and let my eyes see
    That the father loves me.
    And I am a force to be reckoned.

    I know that it will always be.
    Just exactly as I see.
    Coz am not moved by whatever will be
    Because I know am a force to be reckoned.

    So ,as I look I become as he.
    Because he has let me see.
    That I am exactly as he.
    And I am a force to be reckoned.

    Yea,I rejoice and am glad for we.
    For we will surely see.
    The goodness of the lord in the land of the we.
    Because we are a force to be reckoned.


    Ironic? How hope keeps us breathing just to kill us in the end.
    That we imagine we will grow to become better just to turn out to be the worse.
    The people we want to talk to dearly are the people who are not there.
    The things we want the most are actually not even good for us.
    How fate,brings twins into the world with such contrasting characters.
    What you dish out will always come back to you.
    That people fall in love with us just after we’ve fallen out of it
    That we’re so focused to achieve our goals in life,that we hardly forget the journey itself.
    Ironic? How everyone lies but no one wants to be lies to.
    That a lifetime is barely long enough to realise how life should have been lived.
    That what we want we never get ,and what we get we never appreciate.
    We regret on things we said and others that we never said.
    That the moment you start showing some people the worth in your life,you start being worthless.
    That the people you love the most never stay a lifetime.
    And the end of it all is not death,but what keeps you dead while you’re alive.
    You hardly know who is preying you and who is praying for you.
    And the supreme irony of life is that!
    Hardly anyone gets out of it alive.


    He was wounded for our transgressions,he was bruised for our inequities.
    He died for our sins,He who knew not sin.
    He was stripped, broken,bruised and wounded that we may be healed.
    What manner of love is this? That we should be called the sons of God.

    Can a man lay down his life for his friends?
    Yet he was laid down for the inequity of us all
    Like a lamb led to a slaughter,he opened not his mouth.
    Yet still Again it was the will of the Lord,to bruise him
    What manner of love is this? That we should be called the sons of God.

    Therefore brethren!
    Watch and pray for we know not the time,
    and also do that we may enter not into temptation.
    The spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak.
    And if Christ said,”let your will be done”.
    Then indeed let your will be done.
    Because what manner of love is this? that we should be called the sons of God.


    when Christ was raised up from the dead,I was raised with him.
    Nevertheless it’s no longer,I that liveth but Christ liveth in me.
    I am seated with him in heavenly places.
    In the place of dominion,power and authority.
    Far about principality powers and rulers of darkness.
    Because when he was raised up from the dead,I was raised with him.

    I am a heir with God and a joint heir with Christ.
    Yes we’re together as one with him.
    Yes,am dead to sin and alive to life.
    Because that same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.
    It quickens my body and makes it whole.
    And also because when he was raised up from the dead,I was raised with him.

    And yeah! Even as every man cherisheth and nourisheth his flesh
    So does the lord to the church.
    For I am a member of his body his flesh and his bones.
    And he has made me victorious in all things .
    And I rule ,reign,prevail,as kings on earth.
    Because when he was raised up from the dead,I was raised with him.

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